The name “analithos” is a combination of my name “Anna” and the Greek word “lithos” which means stone.

I shifted from a career in finance to designing jewelery. My love and appetite for handmadework, colors and jewels all led me down this path. Also, I have always been intrigued by how jewellery and fashion evolve in the course of history, from actual designs to materials used.

Semi precious stones enchant me. Ancient reeks were fascinated by the stones’ particularities, believed in their healing properties and went so far as to create myths around them.

I like my jewellery to reflect my most sincere influences: the light of our sky, our sun, our sea, our Ancient Greek history.

I believe I design my pieces having in mind passionate women who are inspired by the beauty of natural elements. Women who want to feel their accessories reveal something about their taste and themselves and are confident about what they like.

I’d describe this collection as mainly Boho with a Classic and elegant undertone. I see Boho in the tassels, shells and other semi-precious stones I use, never forgetting that “elegance is the primary design principal.”

All of our products are made by hand in Athens, Greece.

Every piece I make is meant to be worn as either a stylish splash of creativity for a casual day, or as a distinct “ethnic” touch on a classy evening.​